Education Week – What Do You Love About Your Catholic School?

  Posted: May 1, 2018

This week, April 30 – May 3th, we are celebrating Education Week.  The Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to encourage all staff, students and community members to reflect on what you love about your Catholic school.  In Alberta, we are very blessed to have the gift of Catholic education and the opportunity to educate our children in mind, body and soul.

The Board of Trustees has been visiting our schools and asking students, staff and parents what they love about their Catholic school, what they would like to see improved and what local topics are important to them.  We are overwhelmed by the positive responses we have received and we want our stakeholders to know that we are reviewing each one of your responses.

At our board table, we often speak of the many positive initiatives happening in HFCRD schools.  We are always impressed with the dedication that HFCRD staff shows every single day.  We are confident that our students will become excellent leaders in our communities, thanks to the excellent role models they have in school.

In closing, a school is the heart of a community.  We would like to recognize all HFCRD staff for the incredible work you do in our division to keep their community strong.  Educating a child is an important responsibility that has lasting effects beyond our years.  We want every staff member to know that your role is important and vital to making your school and the division run smoothly.  Your contributions are deeply appreciated.

Thank you!

The HFCRD Board of Trustees

  • Kelly Whalen, Board Chair
  • Gary Fisher, Vice Chair
  • Margaret Michaud
  • George Chuckvar
  • John Kuran
  • Carmelle Lizee
  • Ryk David
  • John-Michael Pozniak