Welcome Back to School!

  Posted: September 3, 2019

A new school year has begun and excitement is in the air! On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I wish students, parents, staff and community members a fantastic 2019/20 school year! We are very excited to welcome new and returning families to our schools. We hope you all had a restful summer break and are ready to go back to school.

As the Board Chair of the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCRD), I am very eager about the exciting year ahead for our division. Below are just a few items that are new in our division for 2019/20.  If you have any questions about specific projects, please contact the HFCRD Central Office and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ecole Providence School

At the Tuesday April 16th Board Meeting, Trustees voted to add grade seven to Ecole Providence School in the 2019/2020 school year, and grade eight in September 2020. The decision was made in response to the increased enrolment at École Providence School and in response to several requests from local parents/guardians and students.

Central Office

As many of you are aware, there was a fire at our Central Office in Peace River in March 2019. Since then, extensive renovations were completed. We expect our Central Office staff to move back into the office within the next month.

Glenmary School Modernization

We are very pleased that the Glenmary School modernization is nearly complete. The interior of the school is complete, and the installation of solar panels to the exterior of the school is scheduled for this fall. To date, the school has received a new school office, new cosmetology suite (the EvelineCharles Academy), new CTS lab, new science labs, modernized foods lab, art classroom, modernized bathrooms, new kitchen, and updated electrical and mechanical throughout. We thank the staff, students and families of Glenmary School for their patience and understanding throughout the modernization process.

NET Ministries

We are thrilled to welcome NET Ministries back to our division for a second year beginning in October 2019.  NET Ministries is a team of young missionaries who are coming to our schools to evangelize! Last year’s team was extremely successful in their mission and we look forward to welcoming them back! We are very blessed to have this new team joining us and we look forward to the positive impact they will have on the lives of students across the Peace region.

PowerSchool Upgrades

PowerSchool, our Student Information System, was upgraded over the summer. As a result of the upgrade, phone messages from your school about attendance, events, and emergencies will automatically go to your home phone number listed in PowerSchool. As part of this upgrade, all contact information for parents/guardians needs to be updated. As a result, phone messages will resume on Tuesday September 17th.

If you would like voice messages to be sent to an alternate phone number, the parent/guardian must contact the school by phone or in person. Email requests will only be accepted from email addresses that are listed as parent/guardian contacts in PowerSchool as we need to verify your identity.

If using email to update your information preferences, please email the following:

This message will be communicated to parents in a variety of ways over the coming weeks so please ensure your information is up-to-date.


School Maintenance Upgrades Completed Over the 2019 Summer Break

Good Shepherd School
Renovations of a male washroom
– New sensory room
– HVAC work (preventative maintenance) throughout the building
– More than 11 classrooms/teachers were moved which required modifications to some of the classrooms that included new cabinets and counters for some of the rooms
– Upgraded intrusion alarm and installed exterior video cameras

Holy Family School
–  Air conditioning added to portables

Ecole Providence School
– Upgraded 3 new classrooms to accommodate the new grade 7 class, and relocated a security gate to allow for student access to this new area of expansion
– New sensory room
– Extensive painting was completed throughout the school and gym
– Additional exit points received door lock/security systems to enhance student safety

Glenmary School
– Received modifications to the theatre/drama room (paint, equipment location changes) to enhance programming
– HVAC work (preventative maintenance) in the older parts of the building
– The two gym change rooms received new ceilings to prevent additional damage to the drop ceilings.
– Stair treads and some interior doors were replaced

Rosary School
– Extensive LED lighting replacements throughout the interior and exterior
– Faucets and additional plumbing upgraded, replaced a backflow preventer
– The school and community funded a new rubber ground cover for the playground

St.Andrew’s School
  – A water line rupture at St. Andrew’s caused minor interior damage to the office area and some extensive water damage to the exterior of the front of the school. The water line has been upgraded with the repair.
– Extensive LED lighting replacements throughout the interior
– Gender neutral washroom created. The washroom is handicap accessible and has a shower
– ECS classroom water infiltration was repaired with the exterior excavation and seal coating of the building footing.
– Asphalt was replaced and contoured to enhance drainage.
– Portable air conditioning units have been added to classroom portables

St. Stephen’s School
  – New sensory room
– Fire Alarm panel and CO2 detectors were replaced with an upgraded system as new parts could not be ordered any longer for the old system
– Sidewalk repairs completed
– Further drainage work on the grounds are being completed within the next week

A new school year is always full of anticipation and excitement.  I wish everyone a successful 2019/20 school year!


God Bless,

Kelly Whalen
Board Chair