The library is a wonderful place with lots of colourful posters and books! Our school library is a place where our students can stretch out on humongous bean bags, relax and divulge into another world, in cozy fragrant delight. 

Why is Having a School Library Important?

Walking through Ecole Providence School’s colouful; yet cozy library provides many kinds of opportunities to read numerous genres of books. We proudly offer our students an array of choices, and update our selections regularly. Our students love their regular scheduled library block.

Mrs. Jones our Librarian, is always readily available in the afternoons to assist the students with research projects, finding captivating and suitable books, or helping kids improve their literacy skills.

Our librarian is super-great!  She can help you with anything about the library, and other stuff too! She is noted for her ENTHUASTIC & EXCELLENT storytelling. Previous and continuing students reminisce about her famous, “The Ghost with the Bloody Fingers,” or her singing to “Mortimer, Wake UP!”

Generally there is a library in every school… but ours is truly one of the best!